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We are not a Puppy Mill or a backyard breeder. We breed lovingly with our dog's interest as well as the puppies interest at heart. Our primary objective is to place our puppies with responsible owners who will continue to provide excellent care, proper training, adequate facilities and a meaningful job that will keep our dogs mentally and phisically active. Our puppies have been selected and bred for their instinct, structural soundness, intelligence and stable temperaments wich make them ideal for true love. We screen prospective owners and their particular reason and situation for wanting to own one of our dogs.

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About the breed

Large-sized dog with a stately manner and robust build. The dog has hanging ears, short hair, a square muzzle and hanging tail thick at the root. The temperament is marked by patience, composure, boldness and courage. Muscles are very developed. Joints of stifle and hock moderately angulated, strong. Feet are tightly closed with thick and elastic pads.
With a very robust and powerful gait, short and dense hair, it can reach a height of 60 cm for males and 55 cm for females.
Approved colors are: red, fawn, apricot, black and brindle. Slight white markings on chest and feet are permitted.

Tosa Inu


For more information about the next litters keep in touch with us and feel free to contact us on our email or telephone.

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